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We provide a range of workshops, and certificate training programs that can be conveniently run at your organisation for staff (teachers) and/or parents-caregivers. At Happy Talk, we are licensed with The Hanen Centre, and have the experience to be able to conduct quality intensive training programs to tailor to your needs. Our programs include:

  • Learning Language & Loving It (for teachers)
  • Teacher Talk Series (for teachers)
  • It Takes Two to Talk (for parents)
  • More Than Words (for parents)

We accept bookings for training throughout the year of course, but it can help to plan ahead if you have specific dates or times in mind. If you would like to discuss our service and/or request for workshops on specific topics, please call us at +65 6776 0813 or email us at

Training courses for Educators/Teachers

Teachers play an important role in nurturing children’s ability to learn. Continual staff training is important to meet standards for quality student care. When equipped with the core communication-interaction skills, teachers are able to better pitch his/her communication skills appropriately to their students’ level of understanding, for a more a successful delivery of curriculum. This not only increases the skills and confidence of staff, but greatly enhances the quality of our interactions with the individuals we all care for.

If you are working in and/or know of someone else working at a school setting for children with special needs, and/or early childhood setting (e.g. child care centres, nursery schools, pre-schools, and kindergartens), these programs would be beneficial:

Learning Language and Loving It - The Hanen Program for Early Childhood Educators & Teachers – Certificate course for teachers/educators

This is an intensive training program, designed for teachers and educators to equip them with practical and interactive strategies to be able to work with children with varying communication and learning needs in a classroom setting.
Specifically, the program aims at helping teachers communicate with their students to support their social, language and pre-literacy skills through a range of useful strategies in everyday routines and interaction opportunities. As an evidence-based and reputable program, the training is delivered in its entirety with specific requirements in place which include group sessions and individual teacher participant video-taping/feedback sessions.

Each participant will receive a Certificate upon completion of the program.


What Teachers have to say about ‘Learning Language & Loving It’ Program


“ Good interesting course, very hands on, and very practical” (Teng Teng, Teacher, LLLI Hanen Program, March – August 2010)


“The most important thing I learnt is to understand how children learn to use language and how the environment, including teachers can aid their language development” (Neeti, Teacher, LLLI Hanen Program, March – August 2010)

Teacher Talk Series A, B, and C

The content from Teacher Talk is based upon the Learning Language and Loving It Program. The Teacher Talk Trainings offer a flexible option, consisting a series of three, one-day trainings:

Teacher Talk Training A:
Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings
(a pre-requisite for the training B and/or C)

Teacher Talk Training B:
Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy

Teacher Talk Training C:
Fostering Peer Interaction in Early Childhood Settings

Teacher Talk one-day trainings provide teachers/educators valuable information on the key communication strategies to be able to provide an encouraging and stimulating language environment when working with children.

Each participant will receive a Certificate upon completion of the program.

Training courses for Parents and Caregivers

At Happy Talk, we believe in training and empowering parents and caregivers with the right attitude, appropriate knowledge and skills on communication to help them create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for the child(ren). We recognise the pivotal role that you play in your child’s learning and believe that you can make a difference to your child’s communication with the right kind of support.

It Takes Two to Talk - The Hanen Program for Parents of Children with Language Delays

It Takes Two to Talk Program is based upon adult learning principles to equip parents with practical strategies to help their child with communication-language delays. The program recognises the important role of parents and their involvement, and helps turn every possible moment of the child’s life into an opportunity for communication via a child-centred approach.

What parents have to say about ‘It Takes Two to Talk’ Program

“We might know the strategies, but this program teaches how and when to use it” (Hui, parent, ITTT Hanen Program, September – November 2006)

“OWL (observe, wait, listen) most helpful; play with him – most enjoyable; videotaping – the most memorable” (Monica, parent, ITTT Hanen Program, September – November 2006)

More Than Words – The Hanen Program for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

More Than Words Program empowers parents by giving them the knowledge and practical tools to facilitate their child’s interaction and communication skills in daily situations. In particular, the program caters to the unique needs of children with autism spectrum disorder, where principles such as affect, predictability, structure and the use of visual supports are embraced to support the child’s learning.